Monday, March 9, 2015

Christmas video from the Bro Zone. 12-18-2014

Yeah. The Cambridge North Zone used to be an all Elder area until we (Sister Riggs & I) came in.

Elder Araujo gave me his usb. this is their video. 

Cambridge North Zone Christmas Video

"Donde esta mi wa-wa?"

So, subject line- now that we are on public transportation we always get lost and are always waiting way too long for the bus. Wa-wa is a Latino word for bus but in some countries like Chile, wa-wa means baby. So it's a really funny phrase to say depending on what type of Latinos are around.
But  twice just this week we have been waiting at bus stops and different Elders saw us and gave us rides!
Being on the buses, we talk to a lot more people. It's amazing to see how many people know how we are even on this side of the Country. We don't even have to introduce ourselves half the time! It's so cool to see the prophesy being fulfilled that the Gospel will sound in every ear, to all people. It's happening! Everyone we talk to knows someone in their life that is a member!
Though, not all people are kind about it, we were trying to find a less actives house and saw a guy shoveling snow, so I asked him if we could help and he talked to us-well I should say lectured us for 20 minuets about our religion. But he did thank us for offering so if anything hopefully he can just think of the church now as good people trying to help out.
We had an amazing zone conference! All of our mission presidency spoke to us. My favorite thing was President Packard's discussion on repentance. The English translation of the word changes our view on what repentance means. The Hebrew word is Shub which means to turn or return. Repentance means to return to God. The Hebrew to Greek translation word is Metanoeo, meta means change and oeo means air, so change how we think. Become a new creature through Christ. The error is in the Greek translation to Latin the word is Poenitere, poen means punish. That is not what was intended for the word to mean!  We should think of repentance as turning away from our sins, and turning to God.
"Exaltation is a process of becoming. Repentance is a process of becoming. If you aren't repenting then you are not becoming, and if you aren't becoming, then forgiveness will not help you very much." -President Packard
That's why in the scriptures it says to speak nothing but faith and repentance to the people-faith and turning unto God.
Miracles are going crazy this week! As a zone we set a goal to have 70 new investigators this month. We only have 7 companionships, so that's 10 new investigators per companionship, the record before was 39. In 3 days we are already at 23 new investigators!! It's so cool! Hermana Riggs and I got really pumped when we set the goal so we decided to be as obedient as possible so the Lord could work through us, the next day we got 3 investigators! We have a total of 5 in our companionship. The Lord has already prepared these people, He is just waiting for us to be worthy to be His vessel for these people to come unto Christ.

I am so grateful for our Heavenly Parents and the love they have for us! And to be able to share a message about our individual worth to those who don't think they have worth. As I testified to Elena, our new investigator, that God loves her and she is destined to be a Queen if she follows the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the proper authority, she cried. I have never felt the power of the Spirit that much in my mission. How grateful am I to have been a vessel!!!!

Love always
Sister Flores

Monday, March 2, 2015

Beans and rice....

New Address!!

105 Franklin Ave Apt 2, Chelsea, Ma, 02150

Man. Where do I begin?
This has been the craziest week of my mission.

I was transferred from Martha's Vineyard to Revere, Massachusetts!
To a SPANISH WARD!!!!!! I have never worked with a Spanish Ward. Only groups! So this is huge! Haha. There's a total of about 500 members... only about 110 are active.
We got a lot of work to do.

So I am now in the Cambridge North Zone, which was called the BroZone. There were only Elders in this zone but not anymore!!!! Sister Riggs and I are here!
There's about 20 Elders and 2 sisters. And it is so much fun!!! And they are really supportive! They are always asking us if we need help and when they can they pick us up because we are lost... I love them all so much!

Shot gunning.

So we always say
"I am shot gunning [Revere Spanish]"
That means that both myself and my new companion are replacing the two missionaries that were in the area. In our case, Revere 1st had two Elders. One Elder went home and the other was transferred to another area.
Sister Riggs and I both came and shot gunned Revere!
And boy it has been an adventure!
The missionaries before us didn't leave any notes, maps, schedules, etc.
Sister Riggs and I don't know where to go. To say it nicely, the Elders didn't do anything here, hence we are technically opening a new area.

The Elders APARTMENT......
was a complete mess.
I don't even want to get started...
It took us 2 days to clean it.

People, opening an new area is super hard! And especially when you don't have a car. Sister Riggs and I don't know where to go or how to get to places and it is really overwhelming. But you know what? Since when has missionary work been easy?
Yeah I might cry myself to sleep since I got here because I just don't know how I am going to get to all the less actives homes. I don't know how to get to places, I don't know where streets are, I don't know anything. But I will succeed because the Lord knows everything. He know where His people live. He knows their needs. And He will guide me to them. He has told me that everything is going to be alright and I trust Him. I have never felt the Lord's love and guidance more than I have ever felt it since I got to Revere. And maybe because in other areas I had a car or at least a companion who was there longer. But here we are alone. And it is okay. How else am I suppose to grow? There is no growth in comfort zones.
The Lord is with me and He is with all of you, as long as you let him in!
I love you all! Sorry there isn't much to say!
But I do have a lot of pictures!!!!!!! :D

Love you all!

Sister Flores