Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Yesterday's Email!

​It's 2015?

Transfer Texts this Friday!!!!

Well the past week! 

So we had to go buy our annual bus passes. We had to pay cash to get there because ours expired. Then We get to the office and the employee tells us they only accept cash or checks but not debit/credit cards. So both Sister Carvalho and I look at each other and we just start dying.  Lately we have been catching the buses on time and have not missed ANY! So this was just like... God's humor people... It is funny! Anyways the employee tells us that the Mobil might have an ATM machine. And let me tell you that this day was WINDY! Walking against the wind is really fun. And we were right next to the ocean. It was really cold! I was about to tear up because I haven't gone through this type of weather in my entire mission so far! But we walk to the gas station. We get lost (of course!) so we pray that we can find the right path. We end up at the gas station. I go up to the door to open it. "Closed on January 1st. Happy New Years! May you be happy and blessed" We thought "Oh, well there isn't an ATM," then we see this sign!!!!
I was not happy.
I was not blessed.
Or so I thought.
We make our way back. Sister Carvalho is freezing. I am so hot because I was upset. You can see steam escaping my ears (haha!) We reach the office and tell the guy that it was closed. He said if we were just going to Vineyard Haven just to get money for our bus passes. We said yes. He said okay I will get you on the buses you need to get on for free. We thanked him and sat waiting for the next bus. A couple minutes later he came to us and said "Can I trust you?" We nodded. He said "here are your bus pases, when you get the money put it in this envelope and give it to any bus driver."

[ I was praying the other night and all these names came into my mind. ]
I love writing letters! 
Now I need more stamps! Haha! 

I got a haircut!!!!! 

It is short... 
Really short.
I like it.

I love you all.

talk to you soon!! 

Sister Flores

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