Monday, January 20, 2014


So two Sundays ago I was given an envelope. I thought "great another lecture." I began reading it and it was about "Miracles." I thought hmm.. okay I can do this.
My president asked me to come into his office and he said "Vicky, I've called you in here to relieve you of your services as the first counselor of the Relief Society. I also wanted to thank you for everything you have done for the YSA (young single  adults) because without you we would be nothing. Through you love and commitment to bringing others unto Christ you have changed everyone's lives here. In addition to relieving you of your services this talk will also be your farewell to everyone since next week is stake conference. Therefore prepare yourself Vicky. Good luck."

okay so I wrote this on sunday 1/19/14 and while writing this my family just got into a huge fight. I had money saved up for my mission and I automatically assumed it was my brother because it wouldn't be the first time. Long story short my dad (his pride and ego took over) told him to leave the house because how could he take money from his own family. He is only 17. So he left. I cried and i went to go look for him right after he left. And I couldn't find him. I didn't get on my knees to pray (which I should've) but in my heart I prayed and prayed to God begging him to soften my family's heart and for my brother to come back.


It's 1:30 in the morning and my mom came in saying "go to bed I don't think he's coming home tonight get some sleep.." I don't know why but my holy spirit was telling me to not go to sleep. So I didn't and guess what? He called me to go pick him up. Right when everyone 'gave up' on him and decided to sleep I stayed up waiting for his call. My baby brother is home where he should be.

My brother. He is the reason why I am going on a mission. My testimony grows stronger every single day because of my brother. He is my rock. He is my foundation for the faith I have today. I don't know what I would do without him. He is the only person I have in this world to look out for me, I'd be lost without him.

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