Wednesday, January 8, 2014


I received my temple recommendation about 3 weeks ago and today I thought: Why haven't I gone in? Like it's so beautiful and who wouldn't to go in ( if they could ).
I am so scared to enter the temple. Why?
1.  It's God's house. This is where he visits.
2. I have committed sins in my life that I am not proud of but I know that my heavenly father has forgave me.. I  haven't forgave myself.
3. It's HOLY. 83u598y3thejkfn - like that enough should cover everything...

So I called the temple today and I am going on this Friday!! After this Friday I will be completely different but the same.. if that makes any sense. I cannot believe that I am going in.. WHAT.

I just have so many emotions right now its crazy.. Goodnight beautiful world... Thank you God for the blessings I have received today. I know this gospel is true. If each and every one of you can take the time to read the Book of Mormon and ask Our Heavenly Father if it is true you shall receive an answer that will change your life. I can testify that miracles do happen as long as you have everlasting faith. <3

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