Monday, February 16, 2015

I'm going to set the world on fire.... one kitchen at a time!

How was your week?
I don't even know where to begin.

OH I know. 
For like the 4th time.

My week has gone from burning down the church's kitchen to extending two baptismal dates over skype.

Yeah.... Blizzard. And storms.
We were red dotted Since Saturday at 6 pm and didn't go out till Monday around 10:30. Church was canceled because it was really dangerous walking out and about. It was crazy!!! The winds are still here but it's all good. Sister Miller and I are wearing a TON of layers. We even got purple dotted!!! It never existed till this weekend.
Our mission president's wife was like
"this is aint no red dot! Blue dot? Purple dot? That's the color you'll turn if you go out!"
It was really funny!
Then President Packard said 
"Do not run faster than you have strength, Many are cold and Few are frozen"
Dang, that was hilarious!!!!!!!! Please pray that the storms and blizzards may pass!
I used to say " I love the snow!! " And then I came on my mission.... TAKE ME BACK TO CALI! 

my digital investigators! 

Okay like, my friends here were ready for the Gospel since ever! 
I skyped Rolly for the first time back in January and he was so accepting of the gospel! Then we were talking on Facebook and he has become such a great friend. We couldn't skype because our schedule was weird and time difference stinks. But I told him that he should invite his fiancee and his friends and guess what this amazing child of God did? 
He invited his fiancee to the lesson!
We didn't even cover the entire lesson about the Restoration. We only covered Joseph Smith and the Priesthood. And she believed us! And then I went on to talk about the sealing power we have and THEY WANT TO BE SEALED FOR ETERNITY.
Say what?
GOLDEN. I love them so much! They invited me to their wedding in March but I will still be on my mission. But I plan on taking a trip to Kenya after my mission. It's happening.
So I extended a baptismal invitation (of course they said YES!) then I felt they were ready for a date and we set a soft date for after their wedding.
It was great! Please pray for them!


So we have a very unusual district. 
Brewster - Elders Darley, Wartena, Pendleton
Cape Cod - Sisters Bower and Bentley
Martha's - Sister Miller and I

This part of Massachusetts is known for the famous Cape Cat 

James is a member! Anyways that's the end of Massachusetts and it looks like a cat! So our Zone Leaders came to our district meeting and starting saying meow and did the whisker thing Sister Miller and I did in the next picture. So it's become a thing to us now. I love my District! And all of us are digital missionaries! I love it! They are my best friends! 

{ Sister Bower being cute like always }

{ Sister Miller and I #meow }

But hey! I got a beautiful shot of the sun! 

So the Los Angeles Visitor Center (HOME) is doing this project with missionary name tags! Guess who's name tag is now posted?! MINE & I sent Sister Barney's in as well cause she is my best friend and why not?

OKAY the story you are all waiting for!
How did I burn the Church's Kitchen?
Well let's see...
I was hungry and I brought Top Ramen to make in cause I did get hungry. Then I was prompted to check my home debit card for some odd reason. (Odd because I NEVER check it) AND GUESS WHAT PEOPLE!!!!
My card was hacked into!!! Someone bought stuff on Amazon! Like $108 dollars worth of stuff! I couldn't believe it. I was about to cry. So as I was checking all this and calling the bank and Amazon, we smelled smoke. Sister Miller was like "Is something burning?" Then like nothing, I  was like"I was cooking ramen, but it smells like tuna. I'll go check it out" 
Then I open the door to the kitchen and BOOM. smoke
and more smoke and I yelled "MY RAMEN"
And I didn't know what to do. So I turned off the stove, opened the doors to the church

[ time out so Sister Miller was dating this guy before her mission and they both went on missions and are both getting home in 7 weeks... His family is planning a welcome home party...for the two...this is funny.... #doihearweddingbells? ]

Okay back to my story, there's smoke everywhere. Thank goodness the fire sprinklers didn't go off because I would be DEAD. 
When I told members they laughed and said how can someone burn ramen? it's just hot water and noodles! 
What did I learn?
Ramen is delicious and when burned, it smells like burnt popcorn.

Now the serious stuff!!!


It's a miracle!!!!!

There's Bob, Sebastian, and Cynthia.

Once Sister Carvalho and I were on our way to the hospital to do service. Then we run into Bob (This morning I was prompted to put an extra Book of Mormon in my bag) He started asking us questions about our name tags. So all 3 of us got off the bus and I gave him the extra Book of Mormon and I promised him that is he opened his heart and and let the Lord fix his life (he was an alcoholic) that he would see miracles in his life! Let's fast forward 5 weeks later. I call him to see if we can set a time to meet. I told him that God has not forgotten him. He said he will call us later. Later never came till a week later. He called us and said he wanted to meet and he had questions. So we met at Black Dog. He told us that ever since I gave him the BoM, he has been experiencing little miracles. Like he had the "strangest" desire to quit drinking after 30 years and he now had the courage to do it. His bad ex girlfriend is now out of the picture because he felt it needed to happen. And when I called him and told him that God never forgets about His children, the following day, in AA, it was all about God. He wants to learn more and change his life. And it all started with a Book of Mormon & missionaries who were ready.

[Again with Sister Carvalho] Sister Dunn was picking us up because it was raining like no tomorrow. And on the street we see a guy, Sebastian, and asked if he wanted a ride. So he gets in and he tells Sister Carvalho and I that he has seen us before and starting asking what do we do. PERFECT QUESTION. So we explained who we are and what we do and he said he was interested. But then his work schedule got intense and with the unpredictable weather we didn't know when we would see each other again. Then he had a free day and we taught him about God's plan of happiness. He loved it! And he wants to learn more! But he said that he has already made his spiritual journey but he sincerely wants to learn. He is all about wisdom. I like him. He's funny.

She is a former investigator of about 18 months. When Sister Ott was here, we called her to set a day that we can come over but then Sister Ott went home and it got all crazy. Then I called her again and we saw her on Saturday. She asked the normal questions "Where are you from, etc" and then she asked if we were members from birth or converts. 
I hate/love this question. My conversion story is so unique and rare, and I don't want my companions to feel bad that they don't have a story like mine. But Sister Miller shared her story and I shared mine. Cynthia was touched and she asked us '"would it be possible for you girls to come over and teach me?  We said no. Hahaha!


I love the Lord and I love His Gospel. I love how everyone can be tailored to the Gospel. How unfair, uncomfortable, weird, would it be to be part of a Church that isn't tailored to EVERYONE'S needs and wants. Everywhere else it's like if you don't fit size 4 then too bad. Our size fits all. I love the Book of Mormon and I love sharing its message with all those that are ready to hear it. I love helping people who want Christ in their life. I love being a missionary. I have adventures every single day! I am helping those I loved in the Pre-mortal life. If you haven't had a chance to learn about the Church, DO IT. What have you got to lose?
Traditions? We shouldn't care what our family will think, God above all.
Culture? I'm not asking you to leave your culture. I'm asking you to learn about your Savior.
You might lose friends? Well then they don't love you for who you are.

I love you with all my big fat heart. 
I can't wait to see you all in July!

Transfer texts are this Friday!!!!
I don't want to leave! 

{ Yeah I know I'm cute } 

Sister Flores

Massachusetts Boston Mission

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