Monday, February 2, 2015

"12 Months Later"

I have been out for an entire year... WHAT THE CHEERIOS!
I know I haven't email in like forever. I am truly sorry and I will repent for it! HAHA
This entire transfer has been crazy!
But seriously.

I don't remember what was the last thing that I have written about so I will tell you all that I have gone through in the past 3 weeks, because that is all that I can remember!
Transfers were 3 weeks ago.
I was called to train Sister Ott. She is from Fallon, Nevada. She has autism and asthma, so I wasn't really sure how serving in Martha's Vineyard (a walking area) was going to be like. I think I remember saying that she likes to talk about herself a lot. So I learned a lot from her. She has one older brother who is currently serving a mission! He comes home in March. Her dad pretty much does everything in life. My dad is cooler though because he is from El Salvador. Haha. I am kidding. Her mom has pretty much been a stay at home mom. She has a really nice family. Anyways, as we were on Martha's Vineyard we began to see that it was going to be a challenge for the both of us. You see, she has exercised induced asthma and the cold air was really affecting her. We walk about 2-5 miles a day. And after the 5th day here she was struggling. Not just physically but also emotionally and due to her autism, socially as well. So we called President and Sister Packard and explained to them the situation. Next thing you know we were told to come off island to Cape Cod. We had a family History Center Open House the next day. So Sister Bentley ( a sister on Cape Cod ) came with me to Martha's Vineyard. The Family History Open House was AMAZING! There were about 40 non-members at church!!!! I can not even begin to explain how strongly the Spirit of Elijah is on Martha's Vineyard! Anyways, so Sister Ott stays on Cape Cod and I go back to MV. The next couple days were brutal to both of us.
We fast forward that week and Sister Ott still did not feel emotionally well. We thought it was homesickness but it wasn't. And now my dear poor Sister Ott is going home this Thursday to serve a Church Service mission back home. And I will be getting a new companion on Wednesday.
I never had a companion, let alone a brand new sister, who is going home. And I know that Satan also knows that I don't feel that great. I feel that I could've done more. I could've loved more, I could've had more patience, I just could've done better. But I can't let myself get discouraged. I know that the Lord has something better in store for Sister Ott. I truly love her even when we are both struggling. But that is the amazing part to everything. Even though I was struggling, I was able to realize the change in my life.
I know it may sound weird but I am grateful for the many times that I struggle because it only gives me an opportunity to let the Lord help me. And I struggle everyday! Being on a mission isn't easy but it is worth it. I love serving my sisters and I love serving the world.
So the crazy thing now is that I have this transfer and 3 more. This transfer will end in 3.5 weeks. Sister Miller, my new companion, goes home in April, which in the transfer after this one. So it looks that I may be staying on Martha's Vineyard for the rest of my mission!!! Which is exciting because we have about 80 potential investigators, so there is a lot of work to do.
Sister Bower got me into colored pencils that roll up so we went to go buy some. I now have about 12 colors I've never had before and my scriptures have never been colorful than right now.
I was doing the Book of Mormon challenge that our mission president assigned to us. And boy the revelation is just pouring down.
I love Jacob 2. There is so much in that chapter that is helping me grow up. I love the Book of Mormon people!!! I love the Atonement! I love the trials that we go through!!
We don't go through trials because God hates us, we go through trials because God is molding us, He is teaching us something. There is something we need to learn to be the God's and Goddesses we are meant to be!
I don't want to go home in 5 months but I know that it will come faster than ever before! Time flies when you are doing things you love! I promise you that!
 Emerse yourself into the scriptures!! They are there to uplift you and to motivate you! I bear my testimony that I know that we were pre-ordained
for our trials! And with our faith we came down to Earth to go through them willingly. People!! We were all consecrated in our pre-mortal life!!! It is time to get there again. I know that if we kneel down and pour out our hearts to our Heavenly Father, He will listen and He will send Angels to our aid. The Lord will never leave us alone. I promise you that. I have not gone through anything harder than right now. It is hard, I won't lie. But I depend on the Lord like never before! I love Him and He loves me. And He loves YOU.
This gospel is tailored to every person on this Earth.
It has blessed me in every way possible.
I am eternally grateful for all of you.
I love you all!

Sister Flores

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