Tuesday, April 28, 2015

"It was a cat"

I know I have been slacking on my emails. But I have been asked to keep it up because they are funny. 

[ All the different units I have been in on my mission; Spanish, English & Portuguese]

This past week was pretty great! 

We got 3 new investigators! 

Sylvester & Ana. Then Manuel who is Rosalda's boyfriend! 

Sylvester & Ana.

So we called Sylvester and we made an appointment. We were hanging out with him in his yard because we thought there wasn't any females in the house. The wind was really bad and it started blowing things everywhere! So he said if we wanted to go inside. "Sure! But we can't go in unless there's another female in the house, it's just a rule we have." He told us his mom was home so we go in & HIS MOM IS AMAZING! We taught both of them a little bit of everything. Then his mom, Ana, said that she wants to cook for us! She is from Cape Verde. THEN to top it off she said that next time she will invite her friends and family to hear us! 
She is great!!! 

Rosalda & Manuel

Okay I have a true testimony of how loving people's children will change the parents! ​So we have been teaching Rosalda for about 6 weeks and her boyfriend just wasn't interested at all! But we love the family no matter what! So we started walking to their house and taking their daughter to mutual and would give their younger daughter toys and coloring books. We just did things that came out of our heart really. Then 2 weeks ago we gave him a Book of Mormon and that was it. We visit them a week later and Rosalda tells us that he has been reading the Book of Mormon. We talked to him about it and he never told us where he was reading BUT he said that there is a lot of similarities between the Book of Mormon and Bible. So Sister Riggs and I were thinking he is probably around 2 Nephi. 
I love this family so much!!! They are wicked sweet! 

When we were walking home one night we accidentally took the wrong path but it still lead us home! And we saw this little free library! You can take a book but you need to leave a book. 
Guess what book I left? :D

On Saturday, the city of Revere, held a cleaning day and of course Sister Riggs and I were there! And afterwards they had a BBQ. Those were some delicious hot dogs and hamburgers! I definitely miss home made BBQ. :( 
It's okay soon!!!!!!  (like in 8 weeks!!!!)

Then later that night we had service at a wedding! Wow. The sister who was in charge of everything was really organized. And it was a beautiful ceremony. So it was a pretty fun day! We sat at a table with this couple. The lady was a member of the church and her husband wasn't. Her husband is a minister at a different church and he began to ask us questions about the church and he said he never came to church because he thought that the chapels were temples! We explained to him the difference and he said he was really interested in learning but he can't. His peers wouldn't accept it. But I bore my testimony to him and he asked if he can quote me in  his sermon tomorrow. 
So I am quoted. hahahaha! 
What did he quote me about? 
Our infinite worth.

Check out this cool painting on the streets of Cambridge! 
I love graffiti. 

Okay so my subject line.. There's a story behind it...
Isn't there always?
So we had dinner with members last night and as we were eating there was a sound and they said "O es un gato" I didn't think much of it. I just kept on eating and such. So we leave and Sister Riggs brings it up and she's like "that was not a cat" and I was like " yeah it was.." Then she told me it was a girl moaning during some interactions. I freaked out. But I laughed because I am pretty sure that the members knew what was going on but I sure didn't. I wonder if they laughed at me... 

 I love you and miss you all!!!!!!!!

See you in 8 weeks!!! 

Hermana Flores

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