Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Trust Me

One of my good friends is currently serving in Texas. And this is an excerpt from his email he sent me.
"also this week our recent convert who is 11years old is going through alot of trials and we went yesterday to go visit her and we felt prompted we had to share the story of job with her so we read it and explained it to her and she was able to understand that sometimes we receive alot of trails in our life and that we will never be tempted more than what we can handle and my companion went on to explain how he saw the picture of that little girl and her teddy bear and how sometimes god is trying to give us better things but to do so he has to take what we want we used her little sister for a example we had her get her favorite teddy bear and one that she didn't like so much. and as i saw her get her teddy bear i felt the spirit come over me and just felt at peace for them it was a moment i cant forget. im sure as most of us have gone through trails that we dont always know what lies ahead but if we are like job and stay faithful i can testify that we will see the light ahead and we will be blessed with so much more in the end that if we just have FAITH we will be able to get it. "

And I would love to add that we must trust in the Lord with all our heart!!!
He will always give us bigger and better things! I have seen it in my own life and in those that I teach.

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