Wednesday, December 24, 2014

She titled this email "the cold and dark and deary world" Her most recent email!

My companion got online and her best friend passed away. He and his mom died in a tragic car accident.
I got online, my best since childhood was induced on the 17th. Her baby had no heartbeat. The umbilical cord was around her baby's neck and suffocated him. 
So it is a very sad day for the both of us. 


[ Vineyard Haven ]

My companion and I love to call Cape Cod and the rest of the States "America" because we live on an island. It is truly funny because we don't go off island very much. We go off island for about 3-4 times a month. 2 of those times is for District meeting, the other 2 is to go grocery shopping because it is expensive on Martha's Vineyard. So there's a nice picture from on of our trips. I love the Light houses here! I haven't been to them all but I love lighthouses!!!

Christmas Conference

[ Sister Carvalho, Sister Bower, me, Sister Bentley ] 

Of course we had our annual Christmas mission conference!! Oh man it was amazing! It was super cool! We started off the day at the temple. Man I don't think there is one time that I haven't fallen asleep in the temple! UGH and I try so hard every time! But it was a very special session. Our temple President, President Bowen, talked to us for about 20 minutes. His talk was all about the service we are doing for other people and how much God loves us through the covenants we make. He made a great emphasis on how Latter Day Saints truly consecrate everything we have to building up the kingdom of God. Then our mission president, President Packard, talked to us about something.... i don't remember. Wait I brought my journal.. He talked about love- the Tree of Life and how it is truly everywhere in the temple! How much does God loves us!! Man I love 1 Nephi 11. It's such a great chapter! We got out of the temple by 2:15 and we had a musical fireside at 3 at the nearby chapel. Boy oh boy! All I have to say is that the is truly a mission full of talented people!!!! Elder Orlov played to Organ for us, Sister Hyoung played the piano ( my companion describes this as her being possessed by Angels) THATS HOW BEAUTIFULLY SHE PLAYED! There was no dry eye in the room! After all that we went to the cultural hall for our skits and songs! Man Christmas on a mission is truly magical and so much significant.. I miss my family but I wouldn't go home if I had the opportunity to. After all our skits and songs we got gifts! Everyone's family sent  gift for their missionaries and it was so beautiful! I got a present with my name on it and I think it was from President and Sister Packard. I didn't get anything and I really don't care. Haha. But they bought my a beautiful scarf and a beanie and gloves! I love them so much!

Digital Mission Conference

"You are the only select missionaries in the entire church who are working past just Facebook. You are digital missionaries because the Lord trusts you above all other missionaries. You are faced everyday with the one thing the General Authorities strive their hardest to keep missionaries away from, the internet. You are the front line of war. You are key to church's progression in the Digital world."

- President Packard at the Digital missionary conference

 My companion, Sister Carvalho and I, are digital missionaries. We are not the usual "Facebook Missionaries" that the church has called missionaries to be. So we not only go on Facebook but we also talk to people in chat rooms and we teach lessons via skype to people all over the world. LITERALLY. I am just truly blessed to be a digital missionary. To be trust with the internet is a dangerous thing. But I have such a gran testimony of the work that the Massachusetts Boston Mission is doing! To be trusted to teach people from all around the WORLD!? We have investigators in Brazil & Europe. Man. We are a blessed mission.


Sister Carvalho's favorite picture of me... hahaha.

I am doing great! My health is getting better! I am happy!! I am blessed! I am recognizing the tender mercies of the Lord in my life! I am bringing people unto Christ!!! I mean what more can I ask for?

I am SHARING what I love with all my brothers and sisters! And even though I am not with my own family I have come to make other families here. My family is okay. I know they are. And I may not hear from them every week or every month but I am doing what the Lord wants me to do. And for my willingness to do my Father's will, He WILL bless them. I know He will bless you all as well because I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!

I could not be where I am if I did not have the support from you all!

HE is the gift!!!

I love you all!

Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays!

See ya'll in 6 months!

My companion and I miss the bus here all the time. Biggest record in a day? 
5 missed buses.

A lot of walking!

Sister Flores
P.O. Box 4743
 Vineyard Haven, Ma, 02568

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